ACS RPL Sample for ICT Support and Test Engineers (nec)

acs rpl report sample for ict support and test engineer necACS RPL Sample for ICT Support and Test Engineers – ANZSCO 263299

The ACS RPL Report Sample for ICT Support and Test Engineer is below is for the sample purpose. We recommend our candidates to just review it and use for the reference purpose only. As these sample are already submitted so if any plagiarism is found then the report will be rejected.

This ACS RPL Report Sample for ICT Support and Test Engineers includes two sections: The Key Areas of Knowledge, and the Project Report Forms. The requirements of ACS RPL Project Report Form are:

Key Areas of Knowledge: It includes the experience and the qualification of the candidates. Candidates should select a single specific topic from all above the topics. And also need to include sub topics. Before choosing a topic must be sure about your experience and working skills on those specific topics. Candidates must mention about how they have acquired the knowledge and need to illustrate how depth they have reached on the specific niche.

The project report forms: It includes minimum of two projects that are been under certain year’s one for 3 years and next for 5 years.

  • ACS RPL Report Sample for ICT Support and Test Engineers – 1: “ Employee Hourly Attendance By Barcode Scan”
  • ACS RPL Report Sample for ICT Support and Test Engineers – 2: “Online Mobile Recharge Portal Project”

ACS RPL Report Sample for ICT Support and Test Engineers – 1

Project name: “ Employee Hourly Attendance By Barcode Scan”

The first project report submitted by our client was working on “ Employee Hourly Attendance By Barcode Scan” Some of the roles and responsibilities of the candidates can be given as below:

  • Seeking and conducting of quality audit inspections, and analyze, review the systems, also the data and documentation.
  • Identification of variations and possible upcoming high risk areas in securing obedience to the standards and processes.
  • Recommendation of correct action plans and also the improvements with standards detected through monitoring and peruse of process.
  • Communication, education and the familiar with users and management to ensure awareness to some standards. It follow the procedures and take care of quality control issues.
  • Helps in troubleshooting and determine, testing and revolving system issues.
  • Develop, conduct and gives the proper technical guidance and training in application software and operative procedures.

ACS RPL Report Sample for ICT Support and Test Engineers – 2

Project name: “Online Mobile Recharge Portal Project”

In the second project report, client had described about the roles and responsibilities they performed during their working hours. Some of the responsibilities are described below:

  • Training in application software and operational procedures. And also the developing, conducting and providing technical guidance required for system.
  • Analyzing, evaluating and finding the technical problems and issues for software and hardware like software hardware printers, internet, monitor, email etc. with reliable performance.
  • For the security policies and processes make sure that the optimal database and system integrity, security, with high backup plans.
  • Identify the functional errors and faults within the system. After finding the errors and faults in the system, testing the protocol, giving the guidelines and quality standards for better system performance to specification.
  • Create and provide the technical documentation like the process or the manuals that helps in guidelines for technical report and maintaining the system.