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What is the process of ordering RPL report writing service?
Candidate should select preferred RPL package, and order the package. It doesnt take much time you just need to fill the required ares.
What are the payment options?
Our available payment options are: PayPal High Street Banks Online Banks
Do I have to pay upfront?
Yes, you have to pay some amount before hand as an advance payment.
What is the actual delivery time for the RPL report?
The delivery time will be exactly the same as mentioned in the RPL package you ordered.
What does delivery within 20 business days mean?
It means your RPL Report form will be written and delivered within 20 days from the order is conformed.
How are the reports made 100% plagiarism free?
We use advanced plagiarism detection software to test your RPL report forms. The plagiarism test result will be provided to you if requested.
What is customized RPL?
You will be provided with an email address at which you can send your queries and problems and you will be contacted immediately. Our RPL writers are available 24/7 at your service.
What does revision mean?
If you like to make any changes in your RPL report form, you can contact our associated writers. Your report will be then revised and modified as per requirement.
What are the criterion for money back?
Once you agreed to use our service and pay for it, there will be no refund of the payment. Only in case if the ordered service could not be delivered within the specified deadline, then your payment will be refunded.