ACS RPL Samples

ACS RPL Samples

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RPL Samples

ACS RPL Samples for Australia Immigration

Candidates who are willing to migrate to Australia should have necessary skills before they can migrate. Candidates should submit a report called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to Australian Computer Society (ACS) so that their skills are evaluated according to their requirements. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is nothing but a report that contains the skills and knowledge that have on the individual candidates, who wants to migrate or shift to Australia. It is an assessment of skills and knowledge of the candidates with either no ICT qualifications or any third qualifications. Australian Computer Society requires any ICT professionals, who are migrating to Australia, to be assessed for necessary qualifications and skills for Australia Skilled Migration. The ICT professionals have to submit ACS RPL form and demonstrate that they have necessary skills that are required by ACS for Australia Skilled Migration.
The ACS Skill Assessment gives an opportunity to the candidates without ICT or insufficient ICT qualifications to showcase the skills they have acquired. There is a section in RPL report called “Key areas of knowledge” in which the individual candidates put their key areas of skill and knowledge. The ACS RPL report is crucial for those candidates who have ICT qualification but not similar to that of a degree or diploma in Australian universities but have professional experience in the ICT field. These applicants can apply for ICT Skills Assessment via RPL assessment process according to the guidelines and consideration given by ACS sample report. The report should be plagiarism free, as plagiarism is strictly prohibited. So candidates should do their best to write the report and must fulfill all the requirements according to the guidelines provided by ACS.
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RPL Sections


Applicants are required to provide two project reports as evidence of their level of knowledge. ACS RPL Report Samples comprises of two section –
Section 1: Key areas of Knowledge, and
Section 2: RPL Project Report.

A. Essential Core ICT Knowledge
Topic I – ICT Professional Knowledge

Sub topics:
Ethics, Professional Expectations, Teamwork Concepts and Issues, Communication, Societal Issues

Topic II – ICT Problem Solving

Sub topics:
Modelling Methods, Process to understand problems, Methods and tools for handling abstraction

B. General ICT Knowledge
Topic III – Technology Resources

Sub topics:
Hardware and Software Fundamentals, Data and Information Management, Data Communications and Networking

Topic IV – Technology Building

Sub topics:
Human Factors, Programming, Information Systems Development and Acquisition

Topic V – Technology Building

Sub topics:
IT Governance and Organizational Issues, IT Project Management, ICT Service Management, Security Management