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Employment Reference for ACS RPL Application

Applicants trying for Australia with no or insufficient ICT qualification needs to submit RPL projects report along with their employment reference letter to Australian Computer Society(ACS) to prove that their working certificate are correct and get matched according to the law and rules of ACS. Candidates are given access as their skills, knowledge and work experience. The main reason for it is because candidates need to prove if they are giving right information or not so that they can apply their knowledge and skills on the respective fields. Employment Reference letter for this takes all the information and includes all the history of work experience with at least seven years in the nominated occupation. And if all the qualifications are fulfilled, they are considered as a qualified candidates.
Employment Reference Checks

Things to contain on Employment Reference

Employment Dates
Candidates should mention clearly about the dates they joined and left the job but if you are still working, in such case you should write “To Date” and must include the present date. Date should be in format like DD/MM/YY.
Duties and responsibilities
Candidates must include all the duties, responsibilities and tasks performed by them which should be mentioned clearly. Also, it’s very important that those responsibilities are relevant as they stated in the Employment Reference.
Worked hours
The worked hours should be clearly stated by the candidates and it should be a minimum of 20 hours per week.
Candidates must include the country where they had accomplished their job. If a candidate had worked on various countries but under a single company then the date and corresponding locations must be clearly specified.
Company Letterhead and author signature
The authorized person should sign on your reference letter also all the contact details, name and position should be written.
The reference letter should be certified as a valid copy by the authorized notary.

Study necessities for RPL

The RPL assessor checks the validity of the module to grow the competency level of the students.
In order to meet student’s competency, both the quality and quantity are checked.
The authenticity or the self-productivity of the learner is also checked by the RTO assessor.
Finally, for getting approval from the Australian Government or authorities, the period of evidence is checked by the assessor.