Employment Reference Letter Sample for Chief Information Officer

employment reference letter sample for information chief officer

Employment Reference Letter Sample for Chief Information Officer

Here is an Employment Reference Letter Sample for Chief Information Officer for ACS RPL Skill Assessment. This letter is to be issued by your HR/Manager of your organization on company letterhead including particular information regarding the duties you performed and the skills applied on the job. Employment Reference Letter for Chief Information Officer will be assessed as “Not Suitable due to insufficient information”, if the specific details of duties are not stated in the references.

Date: 25/03/2015
To whomsoever it may concern
This is to certify that Ewan Adam was working with Elscint Ltd at Sydney-Australia as a Full-Time employee since Aug 4, 2008 to July 31, 2017 as a Chief Information Officer.
Employer Roles and responsibilities .

  1. Deliver measurable results by developing a strategy to achieve those business goals and also recommends the investments.
  2. Ensuring that the information technology and network infrastructure supports the company’s computing, data processing and communication needs.
  3. Campaign or seasonal sale, the managerial must balance the need for additional capacity against the risk of acquiring resources that may be underutilized at other times.
  4. Team should have a skill to manage the infrastructure effectively and provide the right level of support to users.
  5. Responsibility for planning and implementing an information technology strategy that meets the company’s business needs and delivers a good return on investment.
  6. Report to CIOs, especially those working for large, multi-national organisations at a country or regional level who sit beneath a global peer
  7. Start the It services framework and various security policies.
  8. Ability to recruit and direct IT staff members
  9. Aptitude for customer engagement analysis
  10. Mastery at establishing strategic service provider partnerships

Sincerely yours,

Mr Mark Holland,