Employment Reference Letter Sample for Developer Programmer

employment reference letter sample for developer programmer
Employment Reference Letter Sample for Developer Programmer

Here is an Employment Reference Letter Sample for Developer Programmer for ACS RPL Skill Assessment. This letter is to be issued by your HR/Manager of your organization on company letterhead including particular information regarding the duties you performed and the skills applied on the job. Employment Reference Letter for Developer Programmer will be assessed as “Not Suitable due to insufficient information”, if the specific details of duties are not stated in the references.

Date: 04/01/2016
To whomsoever it may concern This is to certify that Jenna Mukhirjee was working with Signet Inc at Aroba USA as a Full-Time employee since June 5, 2007 to Oct 30, 2015 as a Developer Programmer.
Employer Roles and responsibilities 

  1. Design and code applications handling business issues and problems.
  2. Develop diagrams and flow charts on computer operation process so its make easier for further use of the code.
  3. Develop, test and analyze programming applications or the system.
  4. Determine, develop and document software specifications throughout production life cycle.
  5. Analyze and fix software mistake and present precise status reports on time.
  6. Build and develop applications using computer languages such as XTML, JAVA, ABAP, Visual Basic and C++.
  7. enhance and offer patches to existing computer systems
  8. Develop technical documentation to support application maintenance.
  9. Support programmers and analysts to anticipate and develop new software programs.
  10. Plan software development life cycle in different phases.
  11. Prepare and document software specifications and requirements.
  12. Research and document software users’ requirements and provide all the queries answers.
  13. Guide re-engineering of applications responding to consumer requests and answers.
  14. Offer input to SDLCfiles and documents specialists and edit documentation.
  15. Resolve programming issues by applying problem solving skills and techniques.

Sincerely yours,
Mr Noid,