Employment Reference Letter Sample for ICT Business Analyst

employment reference letter sample for ict business analyst

Employment Reference Letter Sample for ICT Business Analyst


In this article Acsrplwriting.com provides an Employment Reference Letter Sample For Business Analyst – ANZSCO 26111. This sample letter is just for reference purposes only. Those ICT-related employees (i.e. business analysts) who don’t have or have insufficient ICT qualifications want to migrate to Australia as a skilled ICT Professional can attach this letter with ACS RPL Report.

We have here the employment reference letter sample for ICT Business Analyst  for ACS RPL Skill Assessment. The letter should be issued by the head of the office managerial post. It should include all the skill applied on the job, and the duties you accomplished. If the data are insufficient then it could be evaluated as the “Not suitable due to insufficient information.” So all the details should be clearly mentioned.

Date: 15/02/2016

To whomsoever it may concern

This is to certify that Weber Eloth was working with iXOS Software Aktiengesellschaft at Grasbrunn Munich, Germany as a Full-Time
employee since Nov 12, 2008 to Jan 29, 2016 as an ICT Business Analyst.

Employer Roles and responsibilities 

  1. Maximization of the profit of the organization implementing various tools and the systems.
  2. Responsible for client and business relation building various plans and strategies.
  3. Should be able to handle various methodology and techniques in developing and management problems.
  4. Organizing and using the information to the high for company’s advantage.
  5. Getting accurate and useful information to create a strong finance modules.
  6. Business and analyst skills to assist the clients implementing and optimizing the use of system.
  7. Responsible for data mapping and the data cleansing for clients side project report.
  8. Work directly with client business teams to gather and document business requirements, conduct extensive data exploration, advise and consult clients on product
  9. Utilize appropriate business modeling techniques to represent and graphically depict various activities, processes and data
  10. Analyze data and reports to identify inclination that will effect the business decisions.
  11. Peruse supported includes, product analytics, channel analytics, financial analytics, customer behavior analytics, marketing analytics, etc.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs Annie,



Additional Question related to Employment Reference Letter Sample for ICT Business Analyst:

Who Needs This Sample Letter?

This Employment Reference Letter Sample is vital for a Business Analyst to get positively assessed in ACS Skills Assessment in Australia. ACS performs skills assessment based on Business Analyst’s work experience and knowledge that carries in this letter. 

What should I need to include for a Business Analyst Employment Reference Letter?

You have to include Employment dates, duties, and obligations in your office, worked hours, country name, company letterhead with signature, etc. For reference, you can see the above sample report. We include all factors in the above letter, so read carefully and implement it in your letter as a sample.

Remember: Don’t copy and paste it. We see a lot of business analyst copies from this letter. If ACS finds any plagiarism, they will trash your letter. 

My Business Analyst Reference Letter got rejected by ACS. Why?

If you submit an employment reference letter and an RPL Report, then ACS will review your document, whether it is genuine or not. They have different guidelines for it. If they find any error in your employment reference letter and RPL project, they will reject it without any warning. So, be genuine and follow and implement their guideline. 

In this article, we give you an Employment reference sample letter for Business analysts. We highly suggest you take it only as a reference. This can quickly write your genuine reference letter if you have any further queries regarding the employment reference letter or RPL report chat or contact with our expert.