Document checklists for ACS skill assessment

Document Checklists For ACS Skill Assessment

Document checklists for ACS skill assessment

After reading the guidelines for the RPL report, it’s time to know what documents are required for skill assessment.

But first, let’s discuss ACS Skill Assessment.  

ACS stands for Australian Computer Society, which volunteers skill assessments for skilled migration. It is called a skill if you do something delicious at work. A skill assessment will try to evaluate how good you are at something, and it analyses your ability and identifies how good you are at the skill. Hence, experienced ICT professionals who want to settle in Australia permanently must have their qualifications and competencies assessed by the ACS to facilitate their chances of securing a visa.

Depending upon your skill on occupation, you have to nominate an ANZSCO Codes (ICT occupation). 

Types of application in ACS migration assessment

types of application in migration assessment

There are mainly four types of applications which are for ACS migration assessment. These skills assessments have different procedures to apply for migration in Australia. 

  1. Temporary Graduate – 485 skills assessment: If you have obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher from Australia and want to receive a 485 visa, then this skills assessment is yours. 
  2. Post-Australian study assessment: If you have obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher from Australia and would like a general skill assessment for migration purposes, then this assessment is yours. 
  3. Skill assessment: This skill assessment is conducted globally to assess ICT employment and tertiary ICT qualifications. 
  4. Recognition of Prior Language: If you do not have an ICT qualification or have obtained insufficient ICT, you must submit an RPL Application. First, you should have at least six years of experience in the ICT field. Those who do not qualify should have work experience of 8 years, but an additional two years don’t need to work in the ICT sector. 

Document checklists for ACS skill assessment

Remember, these documents need to be submitted at the exact time with the right materials. Any misleading information can lead to premature outcomes of their application. This is also a violation of ACS guidelines, so be careful.

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You must get copies of their documents and original certificates, scan them, convert them into PDF and upload them to the ACS System. The following is the list of ACS skill assessment documents checklist. 

Application fee

You have to pay an administration fee at the time of submitting your application. This includes GST(this is only for Australian residents for tax purposes). 

Curriculum Vitae/Resume: 

CV or Resume is optional, but this may be helpful for your skills assessment. So, it is good to submit because it allows you to sketch your academic studies and your employment profession in your own words. 

Qualification evidence: 

You must submit all your qualification award certificates. The following are the deeds you must provide.

1) Award certificate:

In this section, you have to submit all your award course study certificates.

2) Academic transcript:

Transcripts are reliable documents from the institution drafting the course/units of study and the final grades achieved as part of your educational qualification. You can also include significant features of your studies in your CV.

Birth certificate or passport:

As a personal identity, ACS lacks your passport showing your name, photo, and date of birth, and you can show your full birth certificate as a verification of your personality.

Marriage certificate (if married)

Employment evidence:

This is the most crucial document you should provide to ACS. This section has the following things to do while submitting your documents.

i) Statement of Service:

It is a written report on your employment letterhead. Your direct supervisor or company manager must sign the letterhead content.

The statement of service must include the following:

  • The company letterhead.
  • Applicant name.
  • Working hours based on the week.
  • Applicant’s official position in that organization.
  • Detail about your roles in the company.
  • Salary every week.
  • Contact details.  

 ii) Payment evidence:

Taxation report, insurance, bank statement, payslips

 iii) Organisational Chart:

When deciding on a managerial profession, you must tender an organizational chart highlighting your job position. 

iv) Self-employed:

Suppose you have a business related to the nominated occupation list and work there as an ICT professional. In that case, you must submit business registration details and official statements declared by the registered accountant or legal phrases. Your official statement must include a letterhead, your full name, the nature of the business, and how long you have been engaged in the industry. 

7) ACS Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) form if submitting an RPL to ACS
8) Any other relevant licenses.

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All the above documents must be in the following ways :

  1. You must submit it in PDF format.
  2. All your PDF should not be password protected or encrypted or in read-only mode.
  3. Your documents(CERTIFICATE, PASSPORT, LICENSES, RESUME) must be in high-quality color scans.
  4. Every document should be named. For example, if you submit a relevant license, then you have to name this license. 
  5. Pages must be integrated into one PDF document for each qualification and employment record.
  6. The maximum upload limit for PDF is 3 MB with no corruption (do not compress PDF).
  7. Don’t rename the new documents while submitting them; it confuses you. 


All the above documents are crucial to submit; otherwise, your project will be declined, so always review and be careful while filing. We have the best report writers if you need any RPL project to migrate to Australia. Do not hesitate to contact our RPL report writers

skill assessment documents checklist

Is a CV mandatory when applying for the ACS Skills Assessment?

It is good to provide a CV or Resume, but if you do not upload it, they will request you to upload the CV/Resume through email. You have to upload the CV/Resume within 14 days. If not uploaded at that timespan, the assessor will assess your file based on the documents information you already submitted.

Who can I get my document attested from for the ACS skill assessment? 

To attest all the documents you submit, you can approach a Notary with complete documents(registration number, name, and contact details, simultaneously with the date on a photocopy of the original text).

Why does it take 12 weeks to process the ACS skill assessment?

It’s because of the high amount of documents submitted to ACS.

How can I write an RPL project for an ACS assessment?

To write an RPL project, you should implement the following things:
– Read guidelines and samples.
– Make a plan and steps to follow.
– Take references and write original documents.
– Review your RPL report.

Which category of skill assessment in the ACS should I apply to?

To choose the right division, you should require a clear perception of skill assessment. Your ICT-related experience and educational qualifications must be related to the nominated occupation (ANZSCO). 

Why does ACS deduct two years of work experience?

It’s not only two years; ACS may reduce your work experience depending on several factors. There are no exact years, and several factors may include your job types (part-time, full-time, relevancy to ANZSCO codes), your major or minor degree, and many more.

The total deduction may start from 2 – 8 years of work experience. So, your skill, knowledge, and ICT qualification should match ACS guidelines.

How critical is the skills assessment for starting with the PR process in Australia?

ACS RPL report gives a glorious opportunity to immigrants in Australia without ICT qualifications but with ICT sector experience. There are many ICT professionals without ICT qualifications, and ACS RPL is to showcase their skills.

The ACS RPL program can help get a precise knowledge of an applicant’s past educational and work experience.

Is salary payment proof required for ACS Assessment?

Yes, salary payments are required, and you should not be allowed to give a fake salary in ACS RPL.

Is it allowed to delete uploaded files on ACS?

Once you upload your file to the ACS system, you cannot remodel or delete it, whether wrong or right. So, examine your document before uploading it to the ACS system.

The expert suggestion is that if you upload the wrong file, you can create another new online account and restart the submitting process.