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Do you know the reasons for RPL rejection from ACS?

Do you know the reasons for RPL rejection from ACS
ACS RPL / Plagiarized reports

Do you know the reasons for RPL rejection from ACS?

Thousands of RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) reports are rejected by ACS(Australian Computer Society) every year due to many judgments. ACS uses different factors and guidelines to measure RPL reports. Some elements are plagiarism, 100% unique and original, proper word experience and specific qualifications, nominated occupation ANZSCO Code, documents evidence, and many more. There are so many reasons for RPL rejection.

ACS is the foremost authority that checks and validates your RPL report. If ACS finds any errors, they will reject your RPL report. So, be careful when writing and submitting your project.  

Let’s discuss this topic in more detail. If ACS rejects your RPL report, we are sorry to hear that. Don’t worry; we will elaborate on why your RPl report is denied.


Last year, our RPL Report Expert analyzed the causes of many RPL projects that were disapproved or got rejected. In this research, they identified that ACS denies RPL reports of those who don’t follow guidelines or don’t know about ACS rules and regulations. Those who wrote their RPL reports without proper research got rejected by ACS, and those who ordered their reports to RPL report writers succeeded by ACS. That doesn’t mean you should necessarily give your RPL report to the writers, and you have to do proper research about the guidelines, rules, and regulations of the ACS RPL Report. 

Note: One important thing you should know is that RPL regularly changes its guidelines. So, you must identify these new rules and regulations and strictly implement them in your RPL report to get a 100% successful result. 

 We will discuss the ACS RPL Report and why we must consider the reason.  

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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) evaluates the skills and knowledge of those who don’t have ICT credentials or any third-category ICT qualifications. Australian Computer Society (ACS) needs an applicant who has acquired skills before they can migrate to Australia and needs to learn other various categories. Thus, ACS checks applicants with technical and non-technical skills. The ICT professionals must send their qualifications and work experience/ knowledge to the ACS for Australian Skills Migration. Hence, ICT professionals without secondary ICT qualifications must submit the ACS RPL Report Form.

Picture Migrate to Australia

There are two fundamental classes of ACS RPL Assessment Application for which candidates would be able to apply. They are:

1) Candidates with a non-ICT degree capability require six years of work as an expert ICT representative in a field pertinent to the named occupation ANZSCO Code.

2) Candidates, who don’t have tertiary capabilities, require an extra two extended years of work understanding as ICT workers (8 years altogether). However, the supplementary two years’ experience is not necessary to be notable to the ANZSCO code:

Reasons for RPL rejection

The various Reasons for RPL rejection is given down below:

1.Irrelevant/ fake job description

fake job description for rpl report
Fake Job Description in RPL Report

Your Job description is the only primary evidence to identify your knowledge and skills in the ICT sector. So, do not go for wrong or irrelevant job descriptions. You should submit the relevant work experience with the respective job description and the skills you gained during your work as an ICT professional. 

You must provide 65% of the total duties detailed in your RPL report and experience letter. If your detailed job description does not match the occupation you applied for, then your RPL will be rejected. So candidates must provide specific relevant skills.

Most importantly, pick your undertaking shrewdly. Select only such tasks in which you can exhibit your insight and aptitudes, as stated in any of the ANZSCO codes that you intend to apply for. Most applicants confuse choosing the right ANZSCO codes according to their occupation, leading to unsuccessful RPL reports from ACS. So, don’t be embarrassed; read details about the ANZSCO code and their alternative occupation name. Please get in touch with our expert if you are unsure about your occupation or ANZSCO code, and they will give you an answer within a minute.


List of anzsco code for rpl report
Picture: List of ANZSCO Codes

2. Lack of work experience

lack of job experience for rpl report
Lack Of Job Experience and Skills

For a Skilled Employment Reference letter, you must mention your work experience and submit relatable work experience as per the skilled migration requirements. Some evidence of work experience are: 

a) Employment letterhead should include the applicant’s name, working time, position, job roles, and many more. 

b) If you own a business related to the nominated occupation list and work as an ICT professional there, you must submit business registration information as well as official statements declared by a registered accountant. 

If any of the criteria are not met, it will be rejected as “Not suitable due to lack of experience.” 

This includes all original documents that ACS requires.

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3. Plagiarism report

high plagiarism RPL report
Plagiarism Report

All the files, documents, and content found on the internet or other sites are only used for reference purposes. Plagiarism is not acceptable. All your content should be unique and authenticated. So take those materials as a sample or guidelines only. 

Don’t be lazy to make the report unique and 100% original. Most people take Sample reports from our website, copy the whole sample, and submit it to ACS. This is just a sample report we provide as a reference so you can easily make your RPL Project report. ACS is very intelligent; they use advanced plagiarism detection software. If they find any plagiarism, then ACS will reject your report.

If you want to write a plagiarism-free RPL Report, focus on research, take our reference sample, use a grammar checker, and use plagiarism detection software like Grammarly or Turnitin. If you want to hire our professional writers and editors, they will ensure that the RPL report is 100% original, unique, and plagiarism-free. We have different writers for different occupations.

Additionally, other reasons for RPL rejection are as follows :

  • Always specify insights about the enterprise, the name of the task you have chosen, the subsidiary organization, and your assigned part in every one of the undertakings in your report.
  • Portray your doled-out obligations and duties regarding each venture. Depict how your thought is executed in the outline and improvement of each task, which will feature your stable zones.
  • Clarify the approach to System Analysis and Design of each task advancement.
  • Specify the name of the programming languages utilized in the task showing your programming expertise.
  • There is a high shot of getting a positive outcome in your Skills Assessment from ACS if you incorporate all the above data in your RPL venture report.


If you read an RPL report that includes complete documents, proper experience, is 100% genuine, and is plagiarism-free, there is no chance of getting rejected by ACS. Make sure to always use your original materials. These documents are only evidence to check your knowledge and skills in the ICT field. So, cover all factors to get a positive result from ACS.
If you need help with the RPL Report, contact us. The door is always open for you.