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Process to apply for ACS skill assessment for immigration to Australia

process to apply for skill assessment

Process to apply for ACS skill assessment for immigration to Australia

If you want to migrate to Australia without an ICT qualification, then don’t worry. You can still enter Australia through the RPL project report; all you need is ICT experience associated with an Australian-nominated occupation. In this article, we will discuss applying for skill assessment. So, you can migrate to Australia. 

ACS, or the Australian Computer Society, is the leading authority that will access and analyze your RPL project reports and approve if you are eligible to migrate to Australia or not. So, you need to put your best effort into your RPL project if you want to write your RPL report by yourself. But if you’re going to order an RPL Report, then we have experienced RPL report writers available

Process to apply for skill assessment

ACS ICT skills assessment will assess if your educational qualifications and ICT work experience are related to the ANZSCO code(occupation) for your migration purpose.

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The following procedures should be rigorously implemented to migrate to Australia:

Understand Visa Requirements

understand  all requirements of visas
Picture: Understand Visas Requirements

You should have in-depth knowledge about personal visa requirements, which are set by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. You can hire a migration agent to submit your skills assessment on your behalf.

If you don’t have a piece of proper knowledge about Visa requirements, we advise you to hire a migration agent. Australian authorities always update or remove their guidelines; if you choose the wrong method, then the chances of getting success will become very low. So, migration agents can assist you with your visa documents before submitting an ACS skills assessment.

Note: You are also eligible to change your migration agent if you are unhappy with their services.

Choose the right ANZSCO Codes

choose right anzsco code for skill assessment
Picture: Choose the correct ANZSCO Code

The ANZSCO Codes help you nominate in the various ICT-related occupations, so it contains multiple employment duties for each profession. If you don’t find your occupation-related ANZSCO code, then dig into each occupation description.

For example, suppose your job is to manage database-related things like designing and maintaining database architecture, keeping a database backup, and securing the database’s information.

In that case, your occupation is Database Administrator (ANZSCO Code 262111). But if you choose another wrong ANZSCO code, your RPL report will be rejected. So, think twice while choosing the right ANZSCO code. If you are stuck in this process, contact our customer support or email us at

Here is the full list of ANZSCO Codes and Skilled occupation Names for ICT Professions:

Occupation NameANZSCO CodeAlternative Names
ICT Business Analyst261111Business Consultant (ICT)
System Analyst261112Expert Systems
Business Intelligence
Enterprise architecture
Multimedia Specialist261211Multimedia Developer
Multimedia Programmer
Electronic Game Developer
Web Developer261212Web Programmer
Analyst Programmer(SPA)261311Programmer Analyst
Developer Programmer261212Applications Developer
ICT Developer
ICT Programmer
Software Engineer261313Software Architect
Software Designer
Software Tester261314
Software and Application Programmer261399
Database Administration262111DBA
Database Operator
Database Specialist/Support
ICT Security Specialist262112Security Administrator
System Administrator262113Systems Manager
Computer Network and System Engineer263111
Network Administrator263112LAN Administrator
Network Support
Network Specialist
Network Analyst263113Network Designer
Network Strategist
ICT Quality Assurance Engineer263211Quality Analyst (ICT)
Quality Manager (ICT)
Quality Specialist (ICT)
ICT Support Engineer263212Support Analyst
Support Architect
ICT System Test Engineer263213Systems Tester
Test Analyst (ICT)
ICT Support and Test Engineer (nec)263213
Chief Information Officer135111Chief Technology Officer
ICT Project Manager135112ICT Development Manager
ICT Manager (nec)135199
ICT Trainer223211ICT Educator
Web Administrator313113Web Master
Nominated Occupation ANZSCO Codes

We see that most ICT professions choose high in-demand IT jobs ANZSCO Code in Australia, and they relate that ANZSCO code with the wrong occupation. So, don’t make this silly mistake. This may be a violation of guidelines. All IT jobs are in high demand. We suggest you not put the wrong ANZSCO code in your RPL report.

For more detail:

ICT Professionals Occupation List

Fill and upload all essential documents

all documents to upload to acs for skill assessment
Picture: List all Required Documents & Upload

After choosing the right ANZSCO code next door is to collect all documents necessary to submit as certified copies to ACS. Most document checklists for ACS Skill Assessment include Qualification evidence, birth certificate or passport, Employment Evidence, and Resume. These documents should be authentic and transparent. 

You can plan in the following ways before uploading Documents to ACS.

a) Make a list of the original paper documents you must submit.

b) Make a copy of all the above paper documents according to guidelines.

c) Make sure your copies are certified by an authorized person.

d) Scan and convert the certified copies into PDF format. 

Documents must be:

i) PDF format

ii) Integrate into one PDF format for each qualification and employment evidence.

iii) 3 MB Per PDF(without compression).

iv) Low-resolution setting of less than 200 DPI without password-protected or encrypted or read-only mode.

Review and Submit documents to the ACS

review and submit the final documents for skill assessment
Picture: Review Documents

The next step is to review all your documents. Wrong or misleading documents will terminate your RPL Report, also reported to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection as a violation of ACS requirements.

Your ICT knowledge and skills will judge through your uploaded documents. All your submitted personal, employment, and educational evidence must meet the ACS guidelines for a full assessment. So, after reviewing all reports, it’s time to send them to ACS.

You will get the result letter in PDF format via email from ACS. This can be submitted to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection as evidence of your ICT skills assessment.


You should have at least six years of experience in the ICT field. Those without qualifications should have work experience of 8 years, but an additional two years don’t need to work in the ICT sector.

Applying skill assessment in ACS for immigration is easy but challenging to approve the report if you submit wrong and misleading information. You cannot fool them with corrupt documents. So, follow the above procedure and submit genuine documents, and ACS will accept your report.

If you need any help regarding the RPL report, feel free to contact our RPL Report writers. They are always happy to solve your queries.