Employment Reference Letter Sample for Network Administrator

employment reference letter sample for network administrator
Employment Reference Letter Sample for Network Administrator

Here is an Employment Reference Letter Sample for Network Administrator for ACS RPL Skill Assessment. This letter is to be issued by your HR/Manager of your organization on company letterhead including particular information regarding the duties you performed and the skills applied on the job. Employment Reference Letter for Network Administrator will be assessed as “Not Suitable due to insufficient information”, if the specific details of duties are not stated in the references.

Date: 11/10/2017

To whomsoever it may concern

This is to certify that Ray Colan was working with HiTRON Limited at Papua New Guinea as a Full-Time employee since Jun 15, 2009 to Oct 9, 2017 as a Network Administrator.

Employees Roles and responsibilities

  1. Knowledge of application transport and network infrastructure protocols.
  2. Documentation for design and create network diagrams and also planning new network communication systems.
  3. Fast learning of technologies and products using documentation and use of internet resources.
  4. Group work and manage all the tasks within the company.
  5. Visualize the problems and think about the new problem solving technique.
  6. Should have problem-solving skills and good analytical skill
  7. Be a dependable and flexible as requirements.
  8. Should have knowledge of both the local area network and wide area network.
  9. Maintaining supporting, configuring, and upgrading customer’s networks and in and out house servers.
  10. Test for weaknesses and monitor the network performance.
  11. Should have knowledge about best practices control, and monitoring of server infrastructure.

Sincerely yours,
Miss Davis,