Best Employment Reference Letter Sample for Multimedia Specialist

Employment Reference Letter Sample for Multimedia Specialist

employment reference letter sample for multimedia specialist

Below the employment reference letter sample is very convenient for Multimedia Specialists. The letter should connect with the RPL report to submit to ACS. ACS is the foremost authority which stands for Australian Computer Society. ACS validates all your skills and knowledge via RPL Report. If you are eligible for Skill Assessment, then they will positively send you a message. So, only for a reference sample, you can make a letter with zero plagiarism-free.

Here is the employment reference letter sample for Multimedia Specialist for ACS RPL Skill Assessment. The letter should be issued by the head of the office managerial post. It should include all the skill applied on the job, and the duties you accomplished. If the data are insufficient then it could be evaluated as the “Not suitable due to insufficient information.” So all the details should be clearly mentioned.

Date: 01/03/2016

To whomsoever it may concern

This is to certify that Rachel Taylor was working with Cognos Inc. at Nargeen  Thailand as a Full-Time employee since Feb 8, 2017 to Jan 3, 2018as a Multimedia Specialist.

Employees Roles and responsibilities

  1. Meeting and collaborate with clients to discuss briefs, requirements and project progress
  2. Making technical recommendations
  3. Demonstrating and receiving feedback about candidates ideas and briefing them
  4. Creating multimedia designs in collaboration with animators, programmers, writers, video producers, sound engineers and artists and many more.
  5. Candidates must be developing and using skills and expertise in appropriate design packages such as Photoshop, In Design and After effects on various purposes.
  6. Keeping up-to-date with technological and software developments
  7. Testing products for errors and making amendments.
  8. Work for private businesses, organizations or government divisions that are in need of content for entertainment,
  9. Marketing, training and presentations to investors, stakeholders, potential customers or the public.
  10. Design, develop and deliver aesthetically pleasing and engaging media packages, including graphics, photography, video and sound.
  11. Specialists need to stay current on new and advancing forms of media. Working knowledge of video production, editing and photography software is also necessary.
  12. Developing a specialty in a particular form of media or visual technique can increase a job seeker’s appeal to employers.

Sincerely yours,




Frequently Ask Question About Employment Reference letter sample for Multimedia Specialist

Most of the time, Multimedia Specialists ask with our RPL expert, following simple questions related to employment letters. 

Who Needs This Letter?

Multimedia Specialists are having the skill, knowledge with no ICT- qualification who want to apply for immigration in Australia. If you have six-plus years of experience in this ICT field, then apply for it. 

Where Should I Submit This Letter?

You must attach your employment letter with the ACS RPL report and submit to the ACS. 

Is It Necessary To Submit To ACS?  

Yes, they have some factors to prove the applicant’s knowledge and skill. This is the only way to check your skills and understanding of a particular ICT job. So, implement these factors according to guidelines.

What Should I Need To Include For this Employment Letter?

You have to include employment dates, roles, responsibilities, working hours, country name, company letterhead with signature, and many more. We cover all factors. See the above letter as a reference purpose only. 

My Multimedia Specialist Employment Letter Rejected By ACS. Why?

Making an RPL Report and Employment letter is very easy if you have all valid documents and follow guidelines. But, it doesn’t mean you will get a positive result from ACS. There are some protocols needed to develop while making a letter. Se, be genuine, and follow their guidelines.  

I Have My Own Business. Can I Apply For Skill Assessment?

Yes, if you work as a Multimedia Specialist having six-plus years of experience can apply to migrate to Australia. All factors are implemented as similar to others. 


Our expert gave an Employment Reference Sample Letter For Multimedia Specialists to take it as a reference. This may be very effective to write your letter. Getting positive results from ACS is not rocket science. All you need to be is genuine with all factors you provided in the report. If you don’t implement these factors, then probably Australia Skill Assessment is not in your favor. If you are still confused about this, our experts can help to tackle positive results from ACS.