Employment Reference Letter Sample for ICT Systems Test Engineer

employment reference letter sample for system test engineer
Employment Reference Letter Sample for ICT Systems Test Engineer

Here is an Employment Reference Letter Sample for ICT Systems Test Engineer for ACS RPL Skill Assessment. This letter is to be issued by your HR/Manager of your organization on company letterhead including particular information regarding the duties you performed and the skills applied on the job. Employment Reference Letter for ICT Systems Test Engineer will be assessed as “Not Suitable due to insufficient information”, if the specific details of duties are not stated in the references.

Date: 11/12/2017
To whomsoever it may concern
This is to certify that Robert Miles was working with Aventis Systems at Atlanta, Georgia as a Full-Time employee since March 9, 2010 to August 27, 2017 as an ICT Systems Test Engineer.
His Roles and responsibilities are as follows.

  • Schedule and conduct quality audit inspections, and analyze and review systems, data and documentation
  • Identify variations and potential high risk areas in securing adherence to standards and procedures
  • Recommend corrective action plans and improvements in the resolution of non-compliance with standards detected through monitoring and auditing of processes and procedures
  • Communicate, educate and liaise with users and management to ensure awareness and adherence to standards, procedures and quality control issues and activities
  • Assist in troubleshooting, diagnosing, testing and revolving system problems and issues
  • Develop, conduct and provide technical guidance and training in application software and operational procedures
  • Analyze, evaluate and diagnose technical problems and issues such as installation, maintenance, repair, upgrade and configuration and troubleshooting of desktops, software, hardware, printers, internet, email, databases, operating systems and security systems
  • Test, identify and diagnose functionality errors and faults in systems, and programming code within established testing protocols, guidelines and quality standards to ensure systems perform to specification
  • Perform organizational systems architecture reviews and assessments, and recommend current and future hardware and software strategies and directions
  • Create and review technical documentation such as procedural, instructional and operational guides and manuals, technical reports and specifications and maintenance inventory systems

Sincerely yours,

Mr Quin,